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Jenn Brown: ESPN’s Newest Smokeshow [PICS]

So I was watching SportsCenter and this smokeshow sports reporter named Jenn Brown came on-air to talk about the upcoming FSU game. Has everyone seen her? Jenn played softball for four years at University of Florida and graduated summa cum … Continue reading

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Who Is The Girl From 4E? [PICS]

Anyone else notice the girl from the State Farm commercials? Who is she? If you know send the tip to and we’ll give you a shoutout. Update: Girl From 4E Revealed! Her name is Holly Lynch. She was a … Continue reading

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Al Borland and an Infomercial Hottie FTW [PIC]

This girl is angry with her shower because the water won’t get hot. If only she had an Eden Pure portable water-heater, after-all it’s endorsed by Al Borland and Bob Vila!

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Can Someone Help Us I.D. The FOX Verizon Girl? [PIC]

Here is the FOX Verizon Wireless correspondent doing her thing during the Eagles vs Titans game on Sunday. Anyone know who she is? Send a tip and links to EpicGrabs[at] and we’ll post a follow-up.

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NFL Cheerleaders In Halloween Costumes [PIC]

This one was shot at Four L’s in Hoboken during the second quarter of the Eagles vs Titans game. If you want to see more check out 25 Greatest Modern Day NFL Cheerleader Halloween Costumes by

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